The pandemic is persisting and concerns are accumulating. Whether you’re dealing with a troublesome neighbour who is making it hard for you to reconcile teleworking with caring for your kids, or a contractor incapable of delivering work as promised due to the closing of non-essential services, your anxiety is surely on the rise these days. Legal access insurance could help you breathe a little easier. Here are three examples that demonstrate how helpful legal access insurance can be in a time of crisis.

1. A buyer backs out of a deal

Denis signed a promise to purchase with his home’s future buyers long before COVID-19 hit. The transaction was slated to go through as planned: his notary confirmed last week that they were ok to proceed via email, if necessary. Then bam! Denis’ buyer pulled out, citing the consequences of the pandemic as the reason he no longer wished to go through with the transaction.
Denis doesn’t think the buyer has a valid reason to cancel the transaction. Moreover, a cancelled promise to purchase would have a significant domino effect, causing quite the catastrophe. If the buyer doesn’t honour his promise, Denis finds himself without the down payment for the next property he was hoping to buy. And the same goes for the new seller, and the next, and so on and so forth. For everyone involved, financial and legal troubles are bound to arise.
Thankfully, legal access insurance can come to the rescue! In addition to receiving expert advice, Hugo can count on his insurance coverage to cover his lawyer fees and attempt to resolve the unpleasant situation.

2. A landlord is laying down the law

Before COVID hit, Isabelle was working in a beauty salon where business was booming. Now unemployed, she is finding it hard to honour her financial commitments and is not in a position to make her usual rent payment.
The owner of the building refuses to negotiate a financial agreement with her, despite the fact that the government is urging landlords to show some flexibility and understanding. Even worse, he is threatening to take the case to the Régie du logement—even though the Régie du logement is currently not accepting any new cases, therefore preventing him from evicting Isabelle for now.
In cases such as this, legal access insurance covers the cost of a lawyer, which is a relief for Isabelle, who only has to pay $1 per week to benefit from this coverage.

3. An employer is doling out unjustified lay-offs

Hugo lost his job last March, during the start of the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic. He’s noticed, however, that all his colleagues—who held the same position as him and even had less seniority than him—are still employed. While Hugo now needs to turn to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) to make ends meet, his former colleagues have the privilege of working from home.
It’s true that a certain tension had arisen between Hugo and his immediate supervisor shortly before he was laid off. This leads Hugo to believe that his employer took advantage of the context to simply put an end to his employment. Legal access insurance can help Hugo should he decide to contest his unjustified termination.

In a nutshell:

  1. Legal troubles are always unpredictable and can end up costing a small fortune—but not if you have legal access insurance. Such programs reimburse a portion of the costs associated with protecting your rights or having the professional of your choice (lawyer or notary) accompany you throughout the ordeal.
  2. 2. For a little over $1 a week, legal access coverage offers our customers comprehensive protection that goes above and beyond a simple legal phone call.