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Diversify your portfolio with our comprehensive line of mutual funds and segregated funds in non-registered products. Boost your return potential by investing in the financial markets.

High-Interest Savings Account

Benefit from a high interest rate and pay no service charges.

Education (RESP)

Get financial support in the event of an accident and protect your whole family.

TFSA Account

Build your savings without being taxed on your investment income.

Retirement Savings (RRSP)

Build your tax-sheltered retirement savings.

Investment Fund

Get financial support in the event of an accident and protect your whole family.

Deferred Life Annuity

Enjoy the advantages of an RRSP and retirement income that’s 100% guaranteed for life.

Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)

Benefit from competitive returns with fixed- or variable-rate GICs.

Investment Accounts

Take advantage of the returns offered by a market index, mutual fund or mutual fund portfolio.

Retirement Income

Maximize your retirement income with our extensive line of products.

Discover the High-Interest Savings Account

Benefit from one of the best interest rates on the market and the possibility to grow your savings automatically with preauthorized deposits.


High interest rate
Unlimited Transactions
No service fees
Preauthorized transfer
Up to 50 budget allocations
Available as a TFSA

What’s an RRSP?

The RRSP, or registered retirement savings plan, is an investment vehicle that’s generally used for retirement purposes. You can contribute up to 18% of your annual income. By investing in an RRSP, you reduce your taxable income, so you pay lower income tax.

It’s when you withdraw money from your RRSP that it is added to your income and taxed. That’s why it’s often more beneficial to withdraw from your RRSP when you retire, because your income is usually lower, as is the tax rate.

Ensuring you get unique RRSP benefits? That’s a guarantee!

Guarantee at 100% in the event Of death for investment accounts.
Designation of beneficiary of your choice allowing you to protect your RRSPs from creditors.

Contributions covered by Assuris up to S 100,000.

Diversify your portfolio on a global scale thanks to our savvy selection.

Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF)

A RRIF is a logical extension of an RRSP. It allows you to continue to defer taxes on amounts accumulated in your RRSP and only pay taxes on amounts you withdraw from it. In addition to a RRIF, be sure to open a Flexible Payout GIC, which allows you to make the minimum withdrawals required by law at no charge.

5 reasons to open a RRIF
  1. Benefit from tax-sheltered returns.
  2. You decide on the amount of income you’d like withdraw, in accordance with the legal minimum based on your age.
  3.  Take advantage of the flexibility by converting your savings at any time to a term certain annuity or a life annuity.
  4.  Spread your taxes over several years by only making the minimum withdrawal required by law.
  5. Choose a beneficiary to receive the accumulated value of your fund in the event of your death.

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